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I am delighted to present the 4th Strategic Plan for the Legal Resources Foundation Trust (LRF) for the five (5) year period 2014-2018. The Strategic Plan 2014-2018 is special in many aspects. It comes into operation when there is a new constitution dispensation following the promulgation of the constitution in 2010. The constitution, grounded on the national values and principles of governance which include rule of law, democracy, participation of the people, social justice, human rights, good governance, integrity, accountability, protection of the marginalized, etc., are the foundation from which we all must begin from.

The strategic period is also critical as Kenya is undergoing major transitions from a centralized system of governance to a devolved system that promises services closer to the people. This has inevitably affected existing institutions and legislation with many undergoing phase out while others have been established. This ultimately has an effect on the access to justice. Amid these major shifts, the voice of the citizen and civil society must be amplified if the participation envisaged in the constitution is anything to go by. Major challenges persist such as unsustained civil education, attempts to stifle civil society voices, dwindling funding, etc. amid the chaos re opportunities for a stronger Kenya and citizenry, these include wide avenues to make and influence change.

The development of this Strategic Plan has therefore taken into account the Constitutional dispensation, the devolved system of governance, and government strategy plans including regional issues that impact access to justice. The plan is aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically SDG16.3 to promote the rule of law at national and international levels, and ensure equal access to justice for all.

The East Africa good governance and human rights framework provides a collective space for all institutions engaged in contributing to human rights and good governance. As a member of regional platforms such as East Africa Civil Society Forum and the East Africa Good Governance and Human Rights Platform, LRF will expand the citizen’s voice in regional integration, closely monitor the involvement of citizens in regional agenda and its impact on national agenda, and promote the rights of marginalized groups among others.

Institutional Transformation

Inward looking, Strategic Plan 2014-2018 ethos deep reflection, re-evaluation and definition of the LRF’s niche and core mandate, enhances investment in relationships with its partners, and re-evaluates its model on how to address injustices. LRF’s approach to human rights and governance is therefore broadened to integrate the broad aspects affecting the society and building resilience in communities. Novel approaches that define this new Strategic Plan include interventions in social economic rights such as safeguarding community rights in the extractive industry.

This is in addition to developing a comprehensive outcome-based performance management system, human resources development strategy and plan, as well as a human resources information management system. LRF has devised broad long-term investment strategy for building or acquiring offices in Nairobi and its core project regions. This investment will enhance financial sustainability and independence. We call upon the support of our partners in making this a reality.

Celebrating our existence

The Strategy coincides with LRF’s commemoration of its 20 years of existence and hard work in promoting access to justice in Kenya. I commend the Board of Trustees, management and staff for their dedicated services that has witnessed the ushering in of the new milestone, in addition to all our partners and stakeholders for the support and partnership throughout these five (5) years. Our gratitude goes to Diakonia Sweden and Foundation for Open Society Initiative, who financially supported the development of this strategy; our past donors: Ford Foundation, Sida UKenya/ British Embassy, USAID, USIU, Pact Kenya, Pact Inc., Amnesty International, Penal Reform International, French Embassy, UNIFEM, Stop AIDS Nowl, NCEP I & II, HIVOS, Ms Kenya, RDE, UNDP, URAIA, Action Aid, US Department of State, Amkeni Wa Kenya, GIZ; and our current donors: Diakonia, Trocire, FOSI and EC; our partners and, specifically, Dawn Business Consultants, who walked with us in the development of this strategy.

May God Bless You All and God Bless Kenya.

Prof. Kimani Njogu
Chairperson, Board of Trustees.


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